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Try not to finish the sentence!

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Hello, my alias is Leaf, and this is the game called TRY NOT TO FINISH THE SENTENCE!!!

So, basically, the rules of this game are simple:

1) You are not allowed to double post a word
What I mean by this is, lets say I respond with here, I will not able to post again after that, unless someone posted after that. So, it will look like this:

Leaf: Hello,
Raze:  my
Leaf: name
Basically, if I say Hey, then no one replies, I can not reply.

2) You are not allowed to say two (2) or more words in your post
The sub-heading explains it all; you can not say Hello nerd you will only be able to say Hello or Nerd.

3) You can only say the word that would relate to the previous word
Someone can not say an unrelatable or nonsensical word. The grammar is also important; you can not be like Hello there Weirdo pedo. It has to be grammatically correct.

Well, that is it. Okay, I am going to start with the word:

Bruh y'all getting off topic... @UserRoot, you made a grammatical mistake. Rip.

Bruh have to start again...

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