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Thanks | [8-12-2018]

Hello everybody,

I would like to thank you for your support, we did not know that we had so much support, our database was reset but it still flows with new members. This gives us the motivation to keep working, we know as owners that we have made the wrong choices and that we have let you wait a long time, but we are already very satisfied with our results. We like our new style. Every server wants to get its own style so that it can be distinguished. And we will do everything we can to do the best for you. because wow. I thought most players would leave because of the decision. but it just looks better, we now have a nice community that cares about each other. even though there are sometimes quarrels, we do our best to prevent the quarrels and to make you happy. And we are going to experience many great adventures together!

Thanks in advance and you will hear from us soon!

Regards, The Owners