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Monthly Top Rewards

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Hello everyone,
We as CurseHQ, of course also want a player base, therefore you can help us with vote, and of course, you get nice rewards. That's why we want to reward top voters with fun stuff every month. new prices every month so you have something new every month to win.

Why vote? If you vote for CurseHQ on vote sites, we get in a rank list, the higher the sooner we are found, and if we are found faster it means more unique joins and a larger player base. Without you, CurseHQ could not be successful.

10$ Store Voucher

5$ Store Voucher

200k In-Game Money on skyblocksaga

NOTE: Every month will be there new prices!

Start date: 12-01-2019
End date: 01-02-2019


Don't you think it's unfair for the people who already have 3+ votes? Because It just started right now and people who voted before have votes number already.
So the previous top vote reward winners will not recieve anything xD?