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KnockBack Royale- MiniGame Suggetion by TheImperious

Knock Back Royale
By TheImperious
Introduction and Description

So basically this Mini-Game consists of 6-12 Players who will try to Knock Players down the Void. They will land on a Plain Circle which would decrease after a set duration of Time. The Circle may have Blocks , Webs and Holes to increase the Efficiency of the Game. You can also have Parkour around the Circle .The Player has a KB Stick which would be used to Knock Down Players. The Players will also get Extra Lives to reduce the Chances of Losing. The Players would have the following

  • KnockBack Stick with KB 3
  • KnockBack Ros with KB 5 (only 1 use per Life)
  • Enderpearl (Only One Enderpearl per Life)
  • Temporary Web (This will have 2 uses per Life and will delete after 3 seconds after the Web is placed)
  • Bow and Arrows (Their would be 3 Arrows. You may include Punch Enchantments for High Level Donors)
  • Jump Boost by Right Clicking Sugar (Gives Players 2 seconds Of Jump Boost 2. Also it would have a Cooldown of 10 seconds)

You may Include/Edit/ Delete more Items and Stuff Above.You may also differentiate the Items into Kits


The Gameplay of the Mini-Game would be as follows

  • Players wait in a Glass Pod like in SkyWars until the Required PlayerCount is Fulfilled. The Pods are placed randomly around the Circle and Donors could Change their Pods.
  • Player Drops into the Arena to have a Regular PvP. However he may use the Environment as an Advantage to make his Gameplay More Efficient
  • Circle Decreases from time to time(say 45 seconds at initial stage).
  • Last Man Standing Wins

You may also add/edit/delete more Ideas, Concepts, Features, Items, Effects, etc.

Please Note that this would be a Fast Paced Game
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