Important Forum rollback 26/08/2018

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    Hello everyone,

    Earlier today, at approximately 10:00AM BST, we started maintenance on our website backend. While we were working on setting up new stuff, we noticed that one of our databases was missing a fair amount of needed information, so we instantly started investigating this issue, this caused our site to become temporarily unavailable and a rollback to be initiated. We'd like to clarify on what happened to your data during this process behind-the-scenes.

    A bit later that day, I started investigating the database issue that required our internal services to reboot. During this process, it became clear that our website backend wasn't able to start due to the database being corrupted.

    In the following hours, unfortunately, it became clear to us that the damage was critical, and we would have to start back up based off of backup systems. These systems get updated every 24 hours normally, however, due to a caching issue - it appeared that data had been downloaded from an outdated machine, dating back to August 8th.

    This means that any and all data uploaded or changed between August 8th and August 25th, is permanently deleted from our site until further notice. We would like to deeply apologise for this inconvenience, and understand that this is an extremely frustrating issue for many of you using our site. Until we receive more information, unfortunately, this is the situation we will have to deal with, and we'll continue to work on updates behind the scenes. We will keep you posted in this thread.

    Thanks for understanding.

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