Factions Release (27-10-2018)

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    Hello everyone,

    We are glad to announce that our factions server is released S(1.0), We hope that you like our new factions server created by our team.

    We try to make the best game experience for everyone.

    We also have implemented F-TOP rewards
    This season will run 3 months so this season will end 27 Jan 2019.

    Faction- Top Prizes

    Top 1: 150$ Buycraft Voucher
    Top 2: 75$ Buycraft Voucher
    Top 3: 50$ Buycraft Voucher

    Of course, the prices can be better, we will make it better once our player count reach 50+ total players, that is our goal. It's a win-win situation. How more players how better our rewards.

    What is happened with thebridge?
    We have decided to wait with thebridge, since it costs a lot time to make it successful, and also a minigame server will not work on a less player count, we are making a new version thebridge to make it more playable and fun for everyone. We will announce the bridge release once we think the servers are ready.

    What is gonna happen with skyblock?
    Skyblock will stay for 1 month longer. but we have decided to end the skyblock season a month sooner, since the economy & block values are failed for some reason. And the hopper plugin duplicated a lot of resources wich made easy to upgrade your island with better island levels. We are busy with a custom skyblock idea, but we have to make sure this time it will be good and unique. To make it more enjoyable.

    A lot more custom features are coming soon!

    Want to support is? https://store.cursehq.com/
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