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Accepted [Example] iTzLeafPvP's Staff Application

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What is your Minecraft username:
My Minecraft username currently is iTzLeafPvP.

What is your Discord name and tag (example#1234):
My Discord name and tag is iTzLeafPvP#8052.

What is your timezone? (https://whatismytimezone.com/):
My current timezone is GMT+0100.

What describes you best? (Student, Unemployed, Employed, Retired):
The best that currently describes me is Student.

How many hours per week will you be able to spend doing your duties:
It all depends on what day it is. During the weekends, I could possibly perform 3 to 4 hours, and on normal school days would consist of 2 to 3 and a half hours. The times may be different.

Do you have any previous experience in the position?
Yes, but they were small experiences, yet they taught me a lot. I have been part of many servers, and I'd say I have gained enough experience from them to obtain the position I am striving for.

I have obtained this position in UnraveledMC once, a Free OP server that was owned by aggelosQQ and Ivan, soon changing to Ivan and a new owner. Being a staff member on that server was exotic, as the community was great, however, there was some toxic players, and I had the ability to sort them out. Being a Super Admin on UnraveledMC is the equivalent to being a Helper on a server as it is a starting staff position. This network has taught me ways to treat players who have been toxic or griefed or others. I'd say this server was one of the main servers where I got my experience from.

I have also obtained Helper rank all the way to Co-Owner rank on a server named HelloCraft, however that server run out of business due to an argument I had with the owner. This server has taught me to treat players that are hacking or spamming etc. I'd say this was one of the servers where I got the medium amount of experience, as it allowed me to have a healthy relationship with the Server Owner, however it did have an instant drop, causing an argument. This argument was over something stupid and absurd, and I think now I regret that choice.

What makes you better than other applicants?
Being honest here, I do not think anyone is better than me, however, I would say that going from little server to little server, these little pieces of experience have formed a whole level (Minecraft pun) and therefore, allowing me to have the ability to communicate with any troubled members of VexelMC. These pieces of experience can make me better than a different applicant as I started to understand the ups and downs of being a Staff Member; the ability to have this amount of experience is alluring, and helps me provide support to the players of this server.

I also think that I could be better than other applicants; this is because I think I can provide active levels, ensuring members of VexelMC are not breaking any rules (as I have read through all of them) and of course, a few sarcastic jokes. Okay, I'm kidding. But, I do think that I have what it takes to be part of the VexelMC Staff Team; mainly because I am comfortable in this community and I have made good friends with other members, and I would like to progress and help others as much as I can.

What can you bring to VexelMC?
As mentioned, I can bring activity into VexelMC, which will help remove any rule breakers from the server quicker. I also would say that I am hard-working, therefore I could bring 100% of my focus to VexelMC. By putting in 100% of my focus, it would also represent that I will make sure to not make any mistakes, and double check all the rules ensuring that I am not punishing a member of this network for no reason. By doing this, this will hopefully give the players a congenial and boisterous play in this community. I can confirm this because it has been done to me and others; I hope I would be able to do the same to others.

Without a doubt, I could bring pure maturity into the server. If I am immature, I would notice it, and attempt to go back in the vibe and then hopefully start cracking jokes about. If I do not notice it, then I would ask an another staff member if I am acting inappropriate, which I wish not to do, as it would make players seem this staff team is irresponsible and not trustworthy to talk to if they are stuck in a situation. By having maturity, I can hopefully be trusted, therefore, if someone is stuck in a situation, I could help them quicker and easier; by trusting someone, I mean that they can be honest and truthful with the other person, and if a player is truthful and honest, then everything would be great.

So, that is my ending application. Thank you for reading,
Well written application.
Looks like you have motivation and experience being a staff.
Good luck ☺


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You seem like a very good applicant you are active in the discord and are always talking getting to know people
Good Luck, Hope too see you with the helper rank soon


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WARNING: This application is an example, the questions can be different than in the actual application. We highly recommend to don't copy and paste this application format. That will lead automatically in a permanent BAN!
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