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Discord Rules
Created by @UserRoot
These rules are meant to keep our community friendly and to protect ourselves from online bullying.

General Rules
➣ Don't spam messages in text chats.
➣ Respect other users. Harassment, hate speech, etc will not be tolerated.
➣ No impersonating any kind of player or staff member.
➣ Don't try to find loopholes. If there's a role that is broken and has extra permissions, or there's a specific rule that hasn't been addressed or doesn't properly specify or clarify something, please don't exploit that. If anything, bring attention to the admins about some of the stuff like this.
➣ Do not spam ASCII or any kind of advertisements, even to other discord servers. (server ip's, discord server links.)
➣ Absolutely no discussion of sensitive topics.
➣ Don't post links redirecting to IP grabbers, screamers, etc.
➣ Don't leak or grab personal information from users here.
➣ Don't add staff as a friend unless they wan't to be added.
➣ Listen to staff. If an argument breaks out they have more permission than you on the discord and server.
➣ Do not hate towards cursehq, haters & toxic people will be banned. We are a friendly community.

➣ Don't use your microphone to annoy the people on the voice channels (blowing into the mic, etc).
➣ Don't be obnoxious.
➣ Don't start arguments in voice channels.
➣ Soundboards or ear rape on the bot isn't allowed.
➣ Don't keep joining and leaving rooms as it gets pretty annoying.

I made a staff application, when will I get a response?
A) Applications are responded to within a week, by a member of staff. You will be contacted via the forums.

Q) How do I connect to the server?
A) You can connect using the IP, play.cursehq.com. We accept client versions, [1.8-1.13]