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    HelpFul [Tips] How to write a Great Staff Application

    Guide for Staff Applications Guide made by Rekronoa Below are some tips that could help you create a great helper application. The applications team looks for the best applications out of the batch. If you want a higher chance of being accepted, we recommend reading over these tips! Be...
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    Global Network Rules | Last updates: 8-12-2018

    Server Rules Of CurseHQ We have a set of rules that are strictly enforced to provide players with a safe environment to play in. You can also access most of these rules in game with the command /rules If you do not understand one of our rules, please refer to their explanations right under...
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    Thanks | [8-12-2018]

    Hello everybody, I would like to thank you for your support, we did not know that we had so much support, our database was reset but it still flows with new members. This gives us the motivation to keep working, we know as owners that we have made the wrong choices and that we have let you...
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    Hi nubs

    Hi nubs
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