Hey all,

with the new update on CurseHQ, I assumed a lot of players don't have a premium account yet. Here for I'll be giving away 200+ NFA (Non Full Acces) minceraft accounts to play on CurseHQ. I'll leave some more information down below with a tag.

To get one of these accounts you will have to fill in the format down below.


Old username:
Proof of playtime or something related to that:
What gamemode do you play on often:
Your best screenshot from CurseHQ:
Why do you want to have an account:
Please confirm that this is your first premium account and that you are not trying to get more or get personal gain:

Please only apply for an account if you do not have a premium account. I want all players to be able to join CurseHQ and not have people getting multiple accounts for their personal gain. If I see that you are still trying to get more accounts you will be excluded from future giveaways.

What does a NFA mean:
- You don't have acces to the email linked to the account.
- You are not able to change skins.
- You can basically only play on servers.

You are allowed to buy ranks on this account since they're safe for player use.
You are allowed to apply with these accounts for future ranks such as staff/builder.

I hope this makes the transfer from 1.0 to 2.0 easy'er and much more enjoyable for every player on it's own.

Please don't contact me on the server about this. Do it under this post I'll be in touch as much as possible.

JohannesHQ aka FullHQ

We are not responsible if the account no longer works, I personally do not agree with NFA / Cracked Minecraft accounts. I want to say if you have the money to buy your own account (Full access) at https://minecraft.net/buy
SkyBlock Rules

Besides the Global Rules that apply in all the servers, there are some specific gamemodes/minigames that need more rules.
All the rules that are listed below will apply only in this specific server.

    • Island / TP killing
Killing a player in an island or by requesting them to teleport into a war zone without mentioning it to the player is strictly forbidden. We do not refund any items lost, due to a player breaking this rule.

First Offense ➟ 31 Days IP-Ban
Second Offense ➟ Permanent IP-Ban

  • Island Trapping
Trapping and luring players into traps is forbidden. Some of these traps make it impossible for the trapped player to enjoy the game. This includes but is not limited to tp trapping and portal trapping. We do not refund any items lost, due to a player breaking this rule.

First Offense ➟ 31 Days IP-Ban
Second Offense ➟ Permanent IP-Ban

  • Scamming
A scammer is somebody who attempts to steal from another, usually by means of trickery, deceit or force. Anyone proven to have attempted or succeeded at scamming another player, will be punished accordingly. Some examples of scams include, but are not limited to, agreeing on a trade and not following through, lying about an item being sold in the auction house, etc. A method to avoid scamming is using the command /trade. We do not refund any items lost, due to a player breaking this rule.

First Offense ➟ 31 Days Ban
Second Offense ➟ Permanent Ban

  • Clients
Hacked clients, illegal modifications and macros are strictly disallowed, no exceptions.

One Offense ➟ Permanent Ban

  • Bugs / Glitches
Abuse of bugs or glitches is not allowed

One Offense ➟ Permanent...
Greetings CurseHQ/WollyMC members!

Today was an eventful day here at Curse-HQ. Johannes and I were very busy working on the server to make sure it is the best for everyone. After our recent poll Results seen here (http://prntscr.com/l2roqo) we decided to move the network to Premium. Mojang recently started to crack down on cracked servers, quite ironic, isn't it? After the vote ended in a 31/14 vote, we decided to change to Premium network which makes the server only work for those who have correctly purchased Minecraft. If you are a cracked member but really wanna play the bridge, you can always buy NFA, SFA, or even an unmigrated account easily. With that being said, you must Create a Ticket on our discord to Retrieve the ranks that have disappeared. If you haven't bought a rank and would like to, please check out our donor store! Now back on track, to date, we are set to release The Bridge back to the general public on the 20th day may change depending on the bug situation. We are excited to bring The Bridge back and even bring more joy with new gamemodes. If you have any suggestions, please create a ticket in the discord or even in our #suggestions channel! Thank you all for playing and see you around!
Important Skyblock Released!
Maybe you are not in our discord server. and sorry for not informing on forums.

But i would like to say that our skyblock has been released!
It's open for the public! Wow!

IP: play.cursehq.com
Ranks, Boosters, Items & More at: store.cursehq.com

The bridge & Factions will be released really soon!


Join our discord server to stay up to date with changelogs, updates & faster support!

An bigger announcement on forums is coming soon!
Hello everyone of curseHQ, as many of you know a lot has changed in the community.

As you know, the owner of CurseHQ decided to WollyMC to buy, it was a well known server. but the owner decided to close the server, and has so many players lost with it no updating the server allowing much outdated.

Therefore it is now bought over by CurseHQ, this means that everything from wollymc is converted to cursehq. also many plugins are being renewed. We are also currently working on a well known game mode to rebuild the bridge. so far the rebuilding of the plugins is fine. but it takes some work and time.

We try to do the best for the community, and that the players of wollymc & cursehq will have a nice game experience again in the new server release of cursehq.

What happened to my rank?
Ranks of wollymc are converted to our store coupons.
Do you pay for a rank in WollyMC? Create a ticket in our discord server. with proof of your payment.
Join our discord: https://discord.gg/ccpsB2G

Beta Release:
Instead of having good news, we have decided to have a beta release on September 23rd, what does beta release mean? We have hired 20/30 beta testers to test our server before it opens globally. To make sure there are no bugs.

Full Release:
We have decided to open the 30st of September for the public. But it can be delayed if there are big bugs found. But we try to prevent this.

Register your minecraft account:
We have our login servers already open globally so you can register your minecraft account with the command /register.

Thanks for reading this post, more questions? join our discord server!

The management team & owner of CurseHQ!
Hello everyone,

Earlier today, at approximately 10:00AM BST, we started maintenance on our website backend. While we were working on setting up new stuff, we noticed that one of our databases was missing a fair amount of needed information, so we instantly started investigating this issue, this caused our site to become temporarily unavailable and a rollback to be initiated. We'd like to clarify on what happened to your data during this process behind-the-scenes.

A bit later that day, I started investigating the database issue that required our internal services to reboot. During this process, it became clear that our website backend wasn't able to start due to the database being corrupted.

In the following hours, unfortunately, it became clear to us that the damage was critical, and we would have to start back up based off of backup systems. These systems get updated every 24 hours normally, however, due to a caching issue - it appeared that data had been downloaded from an outdated machine, dating back to August 8th.

This means that any and all data uploaded or changed between August 8th and August 25th, is permanently deleted from our site until further notice. We would like to deeply apologise for this inconvenience, and understand that this is an extremely frustrating issue for many of you using our site. Until we receive more information, unfortunately, this is the situation we will have to deal with, and we'll continue to work on updates behind the scenes. We will keep you posted in this thread.

Thanks for understanding.