Hi everyone, I've decided to put cursehq on whitelist, why I have a dumper right now and I do not even want to work on it. Currently, I am busy and our managers & co-owners too. Since many people need help in the server I want to take my time on my own to get the server in order, by this I mean almost everything in the server is not arranged and is currently with quite bugs here and there. And to run only a vanilla server I also find ridiculous now. Currently, we are working hard on updates, but to implement these game modes I first want to make sure that all other bugs, errors, and problems are solved. Otherwise, we as a cursehq only make a bigger hope with problems and that only wants to take more risks in the future.

I hope you understand this, I want to let you know when I put everything in order.

JohannesHQ & Our management team!

We have updated the Monthly Vote Rewards which are awarded to the Top 3 Voters of the Server.
They will reach their Rewards accordingly

1st Top Voter>>

• 30$ Buycraft Voucher.
• A custom tag on your choice.
• 30,000 Coins.

2nd Top Voter>>

• 20$ Buycraft Voucher.
• 20,000 Coins.

3rd Top Voter>>

• 10$ Buycraft Voucher.
• 10,000 Coins.

Want to Participate? Here are the Vote Pages

Want to support us? https://store.cursehq.com/

Note: We are fully allowed to change the Details whether about or/and related to the Vote Rewards!

As most of you know, the season of skyblock & factions has ended, we naturally want to thank you for playing this season.

As you know, the top 3 FTOP & ISTOP rewards!

The teams that won this season are:

#1 Island Team: Fhase, with the island level 280000 (20$ Buycraft for the whole team!)
#2 Island Team: xMasterSNESx, with the island level 279366 (10$ Buycraft & Ultimate Crate Key x3 for the whole team!)
#3 Island Team: LostAndDead, with the island level 55944 (5$ Buycraft & Ultimate Crate Key for the whole team!)


#1 Faction Team: GodSquad $73,153,500 (150$ Buycraft Voucher)
#2 Faction Team: WolfTeamLS $23,964,000 (75$ Buycraft Voucher)
#3 Faction Team: Infected $9,750,500 (50$ Buycraft Voucher)

Are you the leader of this team?

Then create a ticket to claim the rewards.
You have to know yourself whether you share it or not (You need proof that you are the leader of that team!)

Hey everyone, hope you’re all doing great. So as many of you already know we’ve decided to move to cracked mode, as we ultimately believe our player-base has died since we changed to premium only mode.

Therefore, we’ve had to take measures to ensure that we can meet these new requirements. In about 1-2 hours, CurseHQ will be going into maintenance only mode as we prepare for the next season (Season 2). We’ve been doing a lot of background work to ensure that we can make season 2 a banger.

We believe that there’s still a good chance of The Bridge to be how it used to be, so all The Bridge games will still be running as we prepare the core game modes. This will help us decide if TB is actually worth a shot.

Thanks in advance,
As we mentioned earlier, we are going to full cracked at the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019. That means that all data is reset because the uuid's are changed! This also means that we do not support premium accounts more!

What do we mean by that?
We mean that if you're premium and you changed your username, it will not automatically apply the name on the server, it has to be done manually.

We want to announce that you can register your account already on our second proxy.
So you do not have to worry about anyone else claiming it. ServerIP to claim your username & password: play.mcgamerzone.org

WARNING: DO NOT steal someone their username if that person with that username already play on that server!
Premium players have the rights to contact us to unregister the username and register his premium account on the server! (Only for now this will not be able when cursehq is moved to cracked!)

You can only register, after you are registered you will be kicked.
Hello dear members, This is important!

After a lot of analytical view points and trying to find what's best for our community, the lead team have ultimately decided that we will be a full cracked server. CurseHQ always started as a cracked server and we believe that this is a mission we want to keep to. Due to the way we handle UUID's and player authentications we have to reset user data. We want to keep players happy which is why the switch will happen at a later date. Our plans is for is for it to occur at the end of the Factions and Skyblock season which is yet undecided, but most likely at the end of the year. Will keep you guys updated with this as soon as we have more to say. On the bright side, we have a new core gamemode coming soon! This is going to be an amazing part of our server with unseen experiences. Keep looking back as we release more information on it.

Thank you, On behalf of the CurseHQ Management Team.
Hello everyone,

We are glad to announce that our factions server is released S(1.0), We hope that you like our new factions server created by our team.

We try to make the best game experience for everyone.

We also have implemented F-TOP rewards
This season will run 3 months so this season will end 27 Jan 2019.

Faction- Top Prizes

Top 1: 150$ Buycraft Voucher
Top 2: 75$ Buycraft Voucher
Top 3: 50$ Buycraft Voucher

Of course, the prices can be better, we will make it better once our player count reach 50+ total players, that is our goal. It's a win-win situation. How more players how better our rewards.

What is happened with thebridge?
We have decided to wait with thebridge, since it costs a lot time to make it successful, and also a minigame server will not work on a less player count, we are making a new version thebridge to make it more playable and fun for everyone. We will announce the bridge release once we think the servers are ready.

What is gonna happen with skyblock?
Skyblock will stay for 1 month longer. but we have decided to end the skyblock season a month sooner, since the economy & block values are failed for some reason. And the hopper plugin duplicated a lot of resources wich made easy to upgrade your island with better island levels. We are busy with a custom skyblock idea, but we have to make sure this time it will be good and unique. To make it more enjoyable.

A lot more custom features are coming soon!

Want to support is? https://store.cursehq.com/
Hello dear members,

After a lot of discussion regarding the server been cracked or premium, we've taken the decision to make it MIXED MODEEE!

This means that everyone can now join the server.
As before, those with a premium account will NOT have to register and login. Vice versa, if you're cracked you will need to use /register when logging into the server. It's IMPORTANT to note that registered usernames at minecraft.net cannot be used as a CRACKED name. We hope to see an increase in player count after making this change.

Premium players can still change your username we do support it!
No data got reset on the network becease we do support it!

Thanks! Regards, Areeb & JohannesHQ
Hey all,

with the new update on CurseHQ, I assumed a lot of players don't have a premium account yet. Here for I'll be giving away 200+ NFA (Non Full Acces) minceraft accounts to play on CurseHQ. I'll leave some more information down below with a tag.

To get one of these accounts you will have to fill in the format down below.


Old username:
Proof of playtime or something related to that:
What gamemode do you play on often:
Your best screenshot from CurseHQ:
Why do you want to have an account:
Please confirm that this is your first premium account and that you are not trying to get more or get personal gain:

Please only apply for an account if you do not have a premium account. I want all players to be able to join CurseHQ and not have people getting multiple accounts for their personal gain. If I see that you are still trying to get more accounts you will be excluded from future giveaways.

What does a NFA mean:
- You don't have acces to the email linked to the account.
- You are not able to change skins.
- You can basically only play on servers.

You are allowed to buy ranks on this account since they're safe for player use.
You are allowed to apply with these accounts for future ranks such as staff/builder.

I hope this makes the transfer from 1.0 to 2.0 easy'er and much more enjoyable for every player on it's own.

Please don't contact me on the server about this. Do it under this post I'll be in touch as much as possible.

JohannesHQ aka FullHQ

We are not responsible if the account no longer works, I personally do not agree with NFA / Cracked Minecraft accounts. I want to say if you have the money to buy your own account (Full access) at https://minecraft.net/buy
SkyBlock Rules

Besides the Global Rules that apply in all the servers, there are some specific gamemodes/minigames that need more rules.
All the rules that are listed below will apply only in this specific server.

    • Island / TP killing
Killing a player in an island or by requesting them to teleport into a war zone without mentioning it to the player is strictly forbidden. We do not refund any items lost, due to a player breaking this rule.

First Offense ➟ 31 Days IP-Ban
Second Offense ➟ Permanent IP-Ban

  • Auto Mining
Automatic mining must not be used on this server.

First Offense ➟ 1 Days IP-Ban
Second Offense ➟ Permanent IP-Ban

  • Island Trapping
Trapping and luring players into traps is forbidden. Some of these traps make it impossible for the trapped player to enjoy the game. This includes but is not limited to tp trapping and portal trapping. We do not refund any items lost, due to a player breaking this rule.

First Offense ➟ 31 Days IP-Ban
Second Offense ➟ Permanent IP-Ban

  • Scamming
A scammer is somebody who attempts to steal from another, usually by means of trickery, deceit or force. Anyone proven to have attempted or succeeded at scamming another player, will be punished accordingly. Some examples of scams include, but are not limited to, agreeing on a trade and not following through, lying about an item being sold in the auction house, etc. A method to avoid scamming is using the command /trade. We do not refund any items lost, due to a player breaking this rule.

First Offense ➟ 31 Days Ban
Second Offense ➟ Permanent Ban

  • Clients
Hacked clients, illegal modifications and macros are strictly disallowed, no exceptions....
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