Important CurseHQ Update
Hey everyone!

I would like to give you all a quick update on what's going on behind the scenes, and what you can expect from us. I'm very excited to get started here.

This past week, our focus has been on getting our team into full production. There is a lot that comes with such a massive update, so documentation has to be written for everyone to get to work. The first and the most major change is going to happen to our infrastructure, it’s going to have a massive overhaul, but we can’t go into specifics. But we will have many new custom plugins that will provide a bunch of unique features that we hope you all are going to enjoy. The few main ones are going to be a brand new faction plugin that will be properly optimized and it will bring a bunch of new features, that I will list in the near future. The other big one is going to be our brand new management system, which will replace the current one and it should make things a lot smoother. Stay tuned for some sneak previews.

Along with these changes, we will be making some structural improvements to how things run at CurseHQ. You may have already noticed some differences on the discord, mainly the changes done to the staff team, but there are going to be a lot more, which includes rules, forms, and a few other things, that we can’t yet disclose. But if you feel like we are missing a feature, or a change should be reverted - please don't hesitate to reach out via a Suggestions form. We'll keep you updated on any changes.

Moving forward, I'd like to focus on making sure our community gets the attention it deserves. Our team is very flexible when it comes to listening to the suggested changes, and with the smooth development pipeline we have, these will be put to use immediately. I hope this will have an overall positive effect on the community, as everybody should deserve a chance to be listened to.

We don’t currently know an exact date as to when the full update is going to be finished, but we are going to...
Hello everyone!

The last time I spoke to you about a progression update was a couple days ago, but since then we have gained more and more progression on the server, some which I will not state and some which I will.

I leaked the following picture a couple days ago:

The picture was to showcase the fact that we were going to release Creative, however there hasn't been any word given to me about it releasing at launch. In case you don't know, the "Creative" gamemode is where you can claim a plot and build on it, but not only by yourself, with friends, host competitions to see who has the best skin, or even make a tricky parkour for your friends to play on!

In other news, we have uploaded the Factions spawn made by our lovely builders and are now able to continue progression on Factions, which is amazing! Factions and Skyblock, as I predict, will be the two most played gamemodes on the network, but with those gamemodes comes *cough* RESETS. The next time we will wipe Skyblock and Factions is after beta testing is over, so all players have the opportunity to get top balances, etc without the beta testers getting a head start.

Skyblock is 95% done, the other 5% is me needing to do permissions, which will hopefully be done today or tomorrow. Skyblock is actually looking nice, and we have a PVP arena in which players can PVP with their kits. Something that is also cool about our Skyblock server is that if you fall in the void, you don't die, you will be teleported back to the nearest block located by your fall point.

I have other duties besides Staff Manager, for example I am one of the lucky ones that works on Buycraft. We have over 230 tags that you can choose from, for example the Cheetah tag.
Tags will be sold in 15 packs, each pack...
Important Falsely Reported
Dear Members,

I would to address a couple of issues that CurseHQ have been facing lately. I am going to break this announcement into different section.

1) Falsely Reported
Our Discord Server had been falsely reported for breaking the Discord's Terms of Service and the server got deleted. We received an e-mail saying that the server got deleted for breaking their ToS. While waiting to get a response by the Discord's Support Team, you can join our New Discord Server by (clicking here)

2) WollyMC
There have been some rumors that we are buying WollyMC. It is true. However, the Owner backed out our deal for undisclosed reasons.

3) The Future of CurseHQ
The future is bright for CurseHQ. Areeb will be joining the Management Team alongside Johannes. But most importantly, the server will now be Cracked. It was a tough decision but the Management Team has decided that the network will allow Cracked players to play.

Thanks for sticking with us.
~ Nasty
It's a fact!
CurseHQ has successfully been released today and everything went perfectly smooth! We had around 20 players online at the same time, which was the most satisfying thing.

We are constantly looking for feedback, so please go ahead and reply to this thread with your very honest opinion about CurseHQ. :D
Hello everyone:

As we're getting closer and closer to the release of CurseHQ, we need more ways to spread the excitement and hype other than just friends spreading the news to their other friends. Therefore, I have just finished some applications that will hopefully be a great opportunity to YouTubers and Twitch streamers.

Besides Helper and Builder applications, there are now Twitch and YouTuber applications located on the right side of the main pages of the forum. You will not see them elsewhere, for example you can't find them on the right side of the page on this thread unless you go back to the forum's homepage.

I understand there are questions that you may have if accepted, such as permissions, but those will be classified until further notice and closer to the server's release. Other questions can be sent to my discord: Ivan#1022, or my email: [email protected]


CurseHQ Management.
Hello everybody!

I would like to introduce you to CurseHQ's brand new forum.
This forum will be our official and main source of information such as announcements, and everything should be expected to take place here.